It’s not just the big things

What We Do

As a dedicated provider of care services, it’s easy to list all the things we do. In fact, you can explore those things in detail across our website. But what’s much harder to do is list the little things we do at Oaks Care that have the biggest impact.

Things like knowing that a touch or a smile can make the difference between an ordinary day and a good day. Or how the person we’re looking after likes their tea, or folds their clothes, or what makes them laugh. Or even just sitting quietly with them to bring the kind of companionship that makes them feel truly at home.

Because it’s those small things that matter.

They are how we show we care. We know that every person deserves to be cared for in the way that suits them best. The team at Oaks Care will work to deliver a truly personalised care package and ensure that it’s delivered carefully and thoughtfully.

So, whether you need some short-term post-surgery care, extra help around the house with daily living for an older relative, or full-time live-in care, we can create a bespoke package that fits with your requirements.

What We Do

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We would be very happy to discuss your care needs – you can give us a call on 01732 440210 or email and we’ll be in touch. There’s no obligation and no pressure, just people who care about you and what you need.